I know, I know...Statistics are boring but they tell a very true story! If you are on the fence about selling in Bridgewater, Let's Talk Now! Consistently rising prices over the past 4 years!


                       Number of Listings Sold:  Has been rising consistently each year

Days to Accepted Offer:  Has been dropping each year making the market faster and faster.

Average Sale Price:  This also shows a very strong market with values rising each year including an 8% rise in 2017

Total Market Volume:  This is a strong indicator of the total number of sales combined with the sale prices which provides an excellent picture of market strength.  The combination or rising prices and increased number of sales is reflected in the very strong numbers in this category.

Inventory Levels: The inventory levels are dropping which is another sign of an excellent real estate market.


Bottom Line:  Bridgewater is a very hot market!